tAttoo Care

Big Projects

If you get a big piece done, make sure to take good care of it.

After the tattoo session we will cover the tattooed area with plastic wrap – keep that on for a while. After three to four hours, take it off and wash it with lukewarm water and antibacterial soap – if you don't have any, any other mild soap will do. Our recommendation is: If not antibacterial, the more natural the better. Wash until the shiny parts of the tattoo are matt, then pat dry with paper towel or let it dry. Don't use your everyday towel – it might leave little pieces of fluff on it.

When dry, apply a thin layer of ointment on the tattooed area. We recommend the Intensive Care you can purchase in our studio – but every other ointment will do, too. Again, the more natural, the better. After applying the cream, wait for around ten minutes, then wrap your tattoo up in plastic again. Make sure not to leave any air bubbles inside. Repeat that process every four hours and before you go to sleep. Keep on repeating for about three days. NOTE: Only use plastic wrap if you can handle it! If the wrap is not tight enough, if there is too much air underneath, or if you sweat too much, the condensed water under the plastic will hinder the healing process!

From the fourth day on, just apply your ointment at least every three hours or whenever you feel your tattoo is dry. You might want to wash excess ointment off every once in a while. Use ointment until the tattooed skin is healed completely and feels like normal, healthy skin. When it does – you are done and ready for the next session!


Smaller pieces

If you get a smaller tattoo, e.g. lettering or the like, it will heal easier and quicker. So using plastic wrap for one or two days will do. After that, just continue to apply ointment until the tattoo has healed completely.


In general

A fresh tattoo is like a fresh, superficial wound. So keep it clean, wash only under running water, do not touch it with unwashed hands, and never scratch or pick it. Besides, you want to avoid going to the swimming pool for approximately a week – just try to keep bacteria away from it until the skin has had the chance to close.

NOTE: Your tattoo might scale off or become a little itchy – BUT NEVER SCRATCH OR PICK YOUR TATTOO! Scratching and picking can lead to ugly scars.

You might develop a slight rash or some little pimples. Don't worry, that's due to the shaving and will disappear as soon as your hair is back.

Some people are allergic to certain ointments. So watch out and change to another product if you notice unusual reactions.


Most important

Enjoy your new tattoo!